National Collaborative Projects

The Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA) runs five Steering Committees, made up of representatives from the seven Advanced Health Research Translation Centres (AHRTC) and three Centres for Innovation in Regional Health (CIRH). These sub-committees have unique goals responding to separate priorities which AHRA and the Australian Department of Health have deemed ‘National Systems Level Initiatives’. These priorities are:

The AHRA Centres are funded to support these National Collaborative Projects through the Medical Research and Future Fund (MRFF). The purpose of this research funding is to:

  • Improve patient experience by improving care pathways and service connections
  • Reduce unwarranted variation in healthcare and patient outcomes
  • Improve the health of certain at risk groups in Australia, such as Indigenous Australians
  • Public health interventions with targeted research to test innovative public health approaches to addressing modifiable risk factors which are at the heart of the rise of chronic and complex disease prevalence and persistence
  • Primary care research addressing the capacity and production gap in primary care research with an emphasis on multidisciplinary, adaptive research methodologies and clinician capability support


National Network

AHRA have initiated a number of Networks which bring together expertise from across all centres in response to national gaps in implementation or research translation into policy and practice in broad areas which have been deemed by ARHA to be of strategic importance. These are: